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Part-Time Lover
12 November 2008 @ 09:03 am
Part-Time Lover
07 October 2007 @ 01:59 pm

This journal is locked, all graphics are at thesuperlatives
Feel free to add if your interests match mine.
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Part-Time Lover
17 August 2007 @ 11:03 am
Would you last one day in 'I'm a celeb get me out of here?' (Panic! at the disco special XD) by kaz
What is your name?
You are famous becauseYou are a model
When you get there, Brendon UrieAsks if he can sleep with you because hes scared of the dark, the bugs, Brent, and just about everything. . .bless
When you arrived, Ryan Rosstells you that there is a bug in your bra and tries to get rid of it for. . .how thoughtful
When you arrive, Spencer SmithAsks you if you have seen a telivison set - in tne middle of the jungle?!?!
When you arrive, Jon WalkerAsks you if you have seen his teddy bear
When you arrive, Brent WilsonDoes nothing because Brendon is cuddling up to you
That night, BrendonCuddles up to you next to the fire to keep you warm
That night, RyanCarves his name in a tree and writes you name underneath it
That night, Spencersteals all your marshmellows. . . guess you have to share Brendons. . .
That night, JonFights Brent away with a stick
That night, BrentRuns away from Jon because he's chasing him with a stick. . .and a marshmellow :)
You go to bed withBrendon
Before you sleep, BrendonSings you to sleep
In the middle of the night, you are woken upBecause Brendon rolled on to you
Eviction day! Who goes?Brent
You and Ryan have to do a bushtucker trial. Youhave to eat a vomit fruit
do you do it?Half of it went down, the other half is on the floor in vomit form
Ryan has to eata vomit fruit
Does he do it?Yes but he feels sick afterwards
Eviction day 2, who goes?Jon
Brendon and Ryan have a bushtucker trial, butThey are both scared coz the trial is they have to go in a box full of spiders and snakes
Does Ryan do it?No he puts on a diva strop and refuses
Does Brendon do it?No he's too scared bless him
Eviction night 3, who goes?Spencer
You have to do the 3rd bushtucker trial. Youhave to go in a dark cave filled with spiders, snakes and a pool full of eels, crocs and other creatures
Do you do it?Yes, but you have a terrible fear of caves now
Brendon's bushtucker trial is toto stand under a box of snakes, spiders, eels, bugs, ants and other creatures and as it falls on his head he has to catch the star
But BrendonIs really scared
Does he do it?No, he was too scared
Ryan has to do a bushtucker trial too, but heRefuses and leaves the show
Before the winner is annoucned, Brendoncuddles you and says that he doesnt care who wins and that he loves you always and that hes going to marry you once you leave the show
The winner isYou
Part-Time Lover
10 February 2007 @ 10:25 pm
1) Do not hotlink.
2) Credit harlequinfilles if used in LJ.
3) Comments would be nice.
4) Enjoy. :)

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Part-Time Lover
09 February 2007 @ 11:35 pm
Photoshopped pics, have not completed all of them yet.
If you want the originals, please please pass me a thumbdrive or smth to pass it to you.
Cos if I send it online, it'll take ages.

Anw, enjoy.